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Leaking Basements



Leaking basements are the most common and concerning of all house problems. Leaks can develop in the basement at any time. Preventative maintenance will reduce the opportunity for leaks to occur.

Review your property annually for all the issues listed below. These are the main causes of basement leaks.

  • Improper grading. Ensure that all grounds slope away from the foundation.
  • Patios and walkways require slope away from the house.
  • Grading should always be 4 to 6 " below siding and brick.
  • Clean gutters/eves troughs twice a year and ensure proper drainage.
  • Downspouts should extend 4 to 6 feet away from the house.
  • Disconnect and extend all downpipes that enter into the ground. Below grade can be collapsed or clogged.
  • Monitor all cracks or faults in the foundation walls.
  • Window wells should be installed where window sills are not 4 - 6" above the ground.
  • Seal all through-wall penetrations or wall flashings.
  • Large trees close to the house could cause damage below grade to the foundation.
  • Raised flower beds should be sloped away from the house.
  • Driveway should slope away from the house.
  • Neighbor's properties should not drain onto your property.
  • Underground sprinkler system outlets should be positioned and directed away from the house.
  • Clean all drains or catch basins annually.

The risk of foundation leakage or seepage will be reduced if you take care by checking for these things and fixing them as needed.


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